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Lights, Camera, Caption!

Badger Mode 1:10

The default. Connect your Badger to your smartphone and you can convert your speech to text in real time for others to read just like closed captions. If you do not have a Badger, you can select the full screen icon on your phone to use Badger Mode directly on your smartphone so you will always have closed captions and translations available to you.

Notes Mode 1:55

Transcribe your notes. No more handwriting on paper or manually typing your notes. You can edit with the smartphone’s keyboard, and you can also easily share via text, email, social media, Slack and more.

Text Mode 1:08

Turn your smartphone into a remote keyboard. Your text will be displayed on your Badger in real time for others to read. If you are unable to speak because of a disability, Text Mode makes it easy for them to communicate.

The single biggest problem in communication

is the illusion that it has taken place.

You can’t read lips with a mask,

but with Badger you can read a voice.

New challenges in today’s communication…

Masks and facial coverings are becoming an everyday requirement for our public and work lives.

Facial coverings impair communication.

Aside from the obvious noise distortion caused by masks, the deaf and hearing impaired can no longer rely on lip reading or facial body language to help overcome communication challenges.

It’s harder today for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

We understand the challenge.

Badger can help.

Whether you are a frontline hero, a member of the deaf community, or a person affected by hearing loss, Badger helps overcome the modern challenges of tomorrow’s communication.

Designed for…

Doctors, nurses, and other caregivers are utilizing partial or full-face coverings more often and for longer periods of time.

Communication between the patient and caregiver is critically important to diagnosing and providing the essential services needed.

Use Badger to offer an additional means to share critical messages in this more challenging environment.

There is a growing need for assisted communication in the retail setting.

Face-to-face conversation has never been harder with retailers and consumers being required to wear masks while interacting.

Let Badger help without impacting the safety that masks and plastic barriers provide.

Trade shows and conferences are established primarily around communication.

They rely on successful communication to launch products, attract attendees, and justify exhibitor investment.

Upgrade the primitive badge with the evolved features of Badger to ensure a more engaging conference experience.

Mask mandates are showing up at every business and have even become a requirement for some to reopen.

Badger is the next essential tool to assist your team to adapt in this new work environment.

Help your staff maintain communication while keeping them safe.

A person who is deaf or affected by hearing loss can appreciate the value of effective communication with their friends and family.

Badger brings new confidence that your voice and message can be received.

Communicate with your loved ones more easily by bringing Badger home.

Badger Fills in the Blanks

Hearing Loss Simulator

Hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey, created a hearing loss simulator for people to experience what it’s like to be hearing impaired.

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